Anastasija Pudane Brands Secrets of Green

I am Latvian-born narrative focused illustrator currently living and working in London. I am a graduate of the Camberwell College of Arts, daydreamer and full-time mum of my beautiful 3-year-old daughter.

Being tired of strolling through the concrete jungle of London I started to seek for some fresh air and the greenery. I started to explore the human connection with nature and importance of the green in our lives. I seek for inspirations in London’s greenest parts and often visit Kew Gardens, The Barbican Conservatory, walk the Capital Ring walks and also visit all the beautiful London parks. Drawing for me is like meditation and I try to depict what I have observed, imagined or experienced myself. I enjoy illustrating the everyday of women surrounded by the greenery, looking through the window, reading or daydreaming to show the beautiful side of being bored, isolated and lonely.

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