Hairy Jayne Brands Secrets of Green

Hairy Jayne makes hair care products that smell divine and help women feel good about their hair. They’re made from the very best ingredients available – naturally derived ingredients that cause the least harm to us when they’re on our skin, and the least harm to the world around us when they end up down the plug-hole. So things like sulfates and parabens are out, and botanical essential oils are definitely in.

Jayne has been a hairdresser for many years, chatting with women about their hair and how they care for it. She listens to the problems they have, and about the funny relationship they have with the stuff that grows out of their heads.

Having listened to all those hair problems, the entire range is kept very simple to take the headache out of choosing. There are just two shampoos and three conditioners. A tonic oil for the scalp to keep it healthy. And hair perfume in three delicious fragrances for those days when washing your hair just isn’t going to happen, and you need a little lift. Life is busy – and looking after your hair is just one part of it! But isn’t it nice when it feels good?

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