Simoneone Brands Secrets of Green

Simona Bunardzhieva (simoneone) is a Graphic Artist & Illustrator, Maker, Speaker and Educator.

Patterns and textures, neon shades and pastel colours, arabic art, attention to detail, animal species and organic geometry fascinate her, which she thinks is noticeable in her work. She gets her inspiration from different art fields like fine art, fashion, architecture and film, although she believes no human work can ever surpass nature’s creations.

Winning a scholarship to study one semester at School of Visual Arts, New York was the best thing that ever happened to her – both because of the school and the city.

She believes in all religions, but to be a good person – most of all.
If she wasn’t an artist she would have been a horse rider.

Food and dogs make her happy, not necessarily combined.

Born in a small town in Bulgaria she currently lives and works in London, UK.

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