two me Brand Secrets of Green

two me started as a blog that followed Isabella’s creative journey to learn ’12 crafts in 12 months’. On request of family and friends, she soon started to share her new knowledge to other creatives. She now runs various crafts workshops across London, Hampshire, and the UK. She loves to collaborate with other makers and artists in different mediums and you can find her running classes with food stylists, florists, photographers, and bloggers.

Her work is made to order and available on Secrets of Green and few other selected e-shops. Her dream is one day, to own her quirky workshop space/shop/café where creatives can meet to connect, share knowledge, learn and have good coffee.

Isabella is originally from Italy and she has worked and travelled in 5 different countries in the past 15 years. Once she returned to the UK she continued working as an interior designer but she started to feel that the industry wasn’t stimulating her creativity anymore. She decided to start her own blog and explored different crafts to get new inspirations. In Summer 2017 she quit her job and moved from London to Hampshire with her husband and two children.

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