10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched

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If you’re anything like me, you would live in a treehouse if you had your way. I wish I could surround myself with nature all the time, but unfortunately, I haven’t had the luxury of owning a tree house yet. So, I’m always on the hunt for products and home decor that will remind me of the outdoor world and maybe even bring it in. I’ve found a few in my time searching, but recently the options have exploded. There are a lot of companies that are currently creating, launching and selling nature-inspired products and I, for one, have been giddy discovering all of them. I want to share them with you as well, so without further ado, here’s a few of the ones I love the most.

Clairy: The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Clairy Secrets of Green

Photo: Clairy Kickstarter

It’s been proven since the 1980s that plants can filter toxic chemicals from the air, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is that plants filter these chemicals out of the air through their roots. Traditional flowerpots don’t allow any airflow to the roots of a plant so a single plant has a hard time filtering the air in one home by itself. Sure, you can get two (or three, or ten), but plants do require some work to stay alive and you have to have where to put them all. So why not just get Clairy? A single flowerpot that allows airflow to the roots and increases the capacity of one plant to 80% filter as much as 386 cubic feet of airspace in 30 hours. The filter is quiet, doesn’t need to be replaced and runs on half the electricity of one LED light bulb. Green all around.

Lampara Binomios

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Lampara Binomios Secrets of Green

Photo: Lámpara Binomios Kickstarter

This past month when the eclipse came rolling by, we were all in awe of an amazing feat of nature. So, wouldn’t you want to have that in your house every day? This super cool lamp will remind you of the eclipse every day as it has four interchangeable screen colors, and one of them is called Eclipse. The others include mid-day, sunset, and sunrise (or dawn). The lamp is wall mounted and the wood encasement, made of Huanacaxtle wood from tropical areas of México holds the mechanical system and wires. This project is still being funded on Kickstarter, so you can still get the lamp for the discounted price.

The Honeycomb Key Holder

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched The Honeycomb Key Holder Secrets of Green

Photo: Honeycomb Key Holder Kickstarter

We all need that one novelty item in our house that just makes us smile every time we pass by it. Well, I found you one. And not only will it make you smile, but it will also remind you of nature and one of the most important species in it: the bee. This key holder is a new way to keep all your keys organized and always have a place for them. It’s also made of reclaimed wood and recyclable plastic and created by hand and 3D printing. You can also just use it as a decorative piece since it’s designed to look like a picture of honeybees hard at work.

HuskeeCup: Waste Made Beautiful

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched HuskeeCup Secrets of Green

Photo: HuskeeCup Indiegogo

One of my all-time favorites, this company has taken the waste created by the coffee industry and made something else for the coffee industry. Truly, zero-waste at its finest. These cups utilize the husks that are removed from the coffee beans and usually thrown away to create beautiful cups that are not only stylish but also more effective since they have been shown to keep coffee hotter for a longer time. The company has packages for both home and coffee show use, and let me tell you, I had some serious thoughts about opening a coffee shop after seeing these. Get your own set and feel good that you are doing your part to help keep the Earth clean by using some of the product that would have just filled up a landfill. And don’t forget to put some fair-trade coffee in those cups.

HeadPeace: A Swedish Wooden Watch

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched HEADPEACE Secrets of Green

Photo: HeadPeace Kickstarter

I know a lot of people that wear a watch every day (and some that never do), but if you’re one of the former, then these beautifully made watches are just the thing to have. One look at these will remind you of the outdoors on those dreary days when you’re stuck in meetings for hours. The company has a few different style options and each one is made of a different wood, waterproof and can come with a brown suede or black leather strap. These watches also make wonderful gifts, so if you have a nature-lover on your list, this is just the thing. Or, just get one for yourself.

Blaynk: Sleep On Nature

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Blaynk Secrets of Green

Photo: Blaynk

What’s better than a good night’s sleep? Well, not much, but I did find something. Sleeping on organic cotton bedding that’s been made without dyes or chemicals and woven in a factory powered 100% by wind. You heard that right. Sheets made with only three things: organic cotton, water, and wind. These beautiful sheets aim to bring about a new way of creating textiles and to reduce the waste associated with the industry. Also, each order of Blaynk comes with a pre-paid shipping label so you can send them your old sheets and they will recycle them for you, for free.  It’s about as close to nature you’re going to get for your bed. Other than sleeping in the actual cotton field (which I don’t actually recommend).

Caia: The Sunshine Robot

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Caia Secrets of green

Photo: Caia Indiegogo

This quirky contraption may look like another television satellite, but it’s actually a robot that will redirect sunlight to parts of your home or office that are lacking it. Caia was made to illuminate parts of the indoors that don’t get a lot of light, bringing in natural sunlight instead of using artificial light. It does this by being positioned in a place, indoors or out, that has sunlight. From there, Caia redirects the light to where you point it to by acting as a sort of mirror, bouncing the light rays. It sends light equal to 10,000 lumens, through a distance of 1/3 the size of a football field and can illuminate 500 sq feet of space. Think of the energy savings! And, it literally brings the outdoors in, so win-win.

Glow: A Smart Energy Tracker

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Glow Secrets of Green

Photo: Glow Kickstarter

This compact and stylish unit is a great way to keep track of the energy usage in your home — and also to keep you on track with using less. Although not a ‘nature’ product, per se, it is a product that reminds you to think of the ways that your home is spending or wasting electricity and to help you reduce that. The small unit connects to the wireless sensor you install on your home’s meter to keep track of how much and from where the electricity is being used in your house. If you’re looking to waste less, this effective product will get the job done.

Planty Square: Modular Hydroponics Kit

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Planty Square Secrets of Green

Photo: Planty Square Indiegogo

There’s no way to get closer to nature than to grow it yourself. And when you’re looking for a solution that’s easy, mess-free and also adds to the beauty in your home, look no further than Planty Square. The hydroponics kit comes as a square with four spaces for growing plants. The kit includes special sponges that act as nutrient layers and all you have to do is add water to the kit. Hydroponics has been shown to be easier to grow plants with than conventional gardening and now you can have that system right on your kitchen table. You can also keep adding squares to your original one, so grow as much or as little as you want.

Granite Cup: Naturally Heated and Cooled

10 Nature-Inspired Products That Just Launched Granite Cup Secrets of Green

Photo: Granite Cup Kickstarter

Last, but certainly not least, the granite cup is a product that’s truly efficient and artistic at the same time. It’s like having a piece of nature in your hands because each one is crafted by hand from granite by artisans. The beautifully crafted cup is able to hold heat longer as well as keep drinks cold longer and has a smooth design that is easy to implement into whatever your design style may be. They are crafted to be able to withstand everyday use, and really their intention is to be used every day since the company sees them as an improvement to the average cup.

I am very happy that there are more and more companies that are discovering that the best place to take inspiration from is nature. Which one is your favorite product? I know I have a few, and I am constantly discovering new products. If you guys have a favorite of your own, that isn’t on this list, please drop me a comment and let me know!

Oana Muresan is a writer and eco enthusiast who aspires to share her love of all things green with the world. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking and probably watching too much NCIS. She’s an ardent proponent of the sustainable lifestyle and runs DO Green, a company that promotes eco-friendly services for communities everywhere. You can also find her writing at www.thefamoustypewriter.com


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Written by Oana Muresan | Writer and Eco-Enthusiast


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